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We process massive amounts of data from social networks, apply advanced neural networks to compute a quantitative measure of emotions and decisions that each social network user makes - the sentiment. The sentiment lets us derive likely turning points in crowd psychology that frequently coincide with big changes in market direction.

The latest tech from NLP

We train the latest big neural networks from scratch on massive amounts of data specific to the financial domain. Training is a multi step process where we use multiple data sets with and without the labels. We clean the data with our proprietary AI filters from spam. We then apply our models to accurately compute the sentiment of each market participant.

Telegram alerts

When we detect unusual market conditions, we alert our users about them in our telegram channel. Our signals allow our users to proactively manage the risk in their portfolios and provide a valuable additional signal for market entry and exit points.

API access

We provide a convenient API to our clients who can then apply their proprietary financial models to drive their own risk and portfolio management strategies.

Sentiment charts

We display the social sentiment for hundreds of popular stocks and crypto currencies. We overlay the sentiment data with the popular TradingView pricing charts.